Rancho Rialto Activities

Rancho Rialto Activities

What's Happening 


Heads Up

*Tickets for meals and events are for sale in the clubhouse on Monday and Tuesday mornings from 9 to 10 AM. Buy early. There are deadlines to provide time for the cooks to buy food.

*Coffee is provided at the general meetings. Donuts are for sale.

Potato Bash Update

*Potato Bash:  Linda Hansberry is the  go to person for the Potato Bash. She has a great crew helping and things are going well.  Horse races start at 4:00pm. We have three races and try to have supper as close to 5:30pm as the races allow!! Please try and remember to take a small portion, as others have to eat later. we don't want to run out of food before all have been served. Thank you.

*Remember to wear your name tags to activities. Contact Carol Champlain #257  to order a new name tag if you need one.

*Bring your own plates, utensils, and beverages to meals.

*Remember to bring a plastic bag for your dirty dishes when you attend the meals at the clubhouse. The health department doesn't allow us to go into the kitchen where food is prepared to rinse off plates and utensils. A big jar containing plastic bags is on the counter if you forget to bring a bag from home.